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Ateronon SEO Case Study

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Ateronon SEO Case Study



To improve visability and develop webiste traffic via organic search.

When we had our initial meeting with Ateronon, they were developing all of their traffic though massive exposure in the media, however they knew that this was unsustainable long term and they needed to look at other options to generate new traffic and revenue to their website.

Once we had had a look at their product and market we advised that a 2 pronged approach would probable work best for their promotion:

Firstly we would promote them for an initial 6 month period to bring up their websites position in the natural rankings to gain them more exposure and therefore visitors to generate more sales

Secondly we would work in conjunction with the Ateronon team to develop a blogging strategy.
This included tagging up and promoting their blog posts in order to increase the amount of ‘long tail’ search variations the site is being found for.

This approach has worked extremely well as in December they had 467 visits coming from 61 search terms which were all related to the ‘Ateronon’ brand name.

Since Febuary 2013 we have manged to increase the positions of the terms we were tracking by 1,495 places within Google and 1,346 places within Bing.


Traffic Levels

Since working with Ateronon, we have increased monthly traffic levels and they now received over 3000 new visitors every month from over 650 different search terms that cover everything to do with the product.

Campaign ROI

As a company we focus lot on our clients ROI and Ateronon is no different. Our campaign has managed to deliver them an ROI of 554.3%

International Traffic

As part of this campaign we have managed to generate a diverse selection of traffic coming from places such as the US, Australia, Canada, France and Malaysia. This now allows Ateronon to develop their presence in any one of these countries and potentially look to corner the market in a particular country alongside the UK.



As a company Teknet is extremely happy with the progress and results we have achieved for Ateronon and we will be looking to improve upon this in the future by continuing to increase organic traffic and also looking at other traffic sources such as social media and PPC.

The next stage of the campaign, once we have improved traffic levels will be to improve the sites overall conversion rates, by completing various split testing experiments. This will help Ateronon make the most of each and every visitor to the site and of course improve there already outstanding ROI.

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