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Social Media Marketing Case Study

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Social Media Marketing Case Study – Cavitonecavitonelogo

Early in 2013 we were approached by the directors of a new Ultrasonic Liposuction business looking to open their first branch in the local area. After much discussion really for us to understand how their business model worked, and the service they were offering we set about creating a design and brand concept for them. After a couple of concepts we settled on – ‘Cavitone – The new you’ as a strapline, with the brand logo being:

As soon as we had the concept agreed we continued on to develop a full website for them which followed on the classy, simple but strong image of the logo. The site can be viewed at Once we had finished the development and the salon was equipped and ready to launch we then followed on to discussing tactics to launch the salon locally. We looked at newspaper advertising, SEO, PPC, social media, radio and leaflets to name but a few but in the end decided that social media, more accurately, Facebook was the most attractive proposition for the following reasons.

  1.  The owners had active Facebook profiles with lots of contacts in the local area so then when they liked the new Cavitone Facebook page, any notifications sent out would be shown to all their friends as well which would start a small viral marketing explosion.
  2.  Facebook offers paid advertising on the site and we can target geographically, by age, sex and interest which allows us to be very precise in who we showed the adverts whilst reducing overall spend and at the same time maximising the pick up rate.
  3.  Speed of release, we did not have to wait for printing, or a paper to come out, SEO would take a couple of months to be effective, radio adverts would need to be recorded etc, etc. The clients wanted to get going and so we chose the fastest route to market for them.  The only other alternative was online PPC through Google Adwords or Bing ads but neither of these systems had the capability to target audience by age, sex and interests making the advertising far less effective.

The campaign was a massive success with the Facebook like counter going up by 10-20 likes per day and only costing a couple of pounds, the first enquiries came in on day two and after 4 weeks of consistent advertising and a total cost of £200.00 we had a large enough ‘viral’ audience (all the people who liked the page + all of their friends) to continue on without the adverts.

Cavitone Graph

Now we release regular offers through the page and in most cases make them exclusive offers only available to our Facebook audience! this is enough to stimulate enquiries and keep the salon busy.

This is the power of Social Media in todays market, all you need to do is approach things in the right way to get the best results!

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