Making Our Clients GDPR Compliant


GDPR may have been regulation for nearly two weeks now, but for many months leading up to the 25th May there were a lot of websites which needed to become compliant with the new rules.

The introduction of GDPR by the EU was to protect personal data, and make it easier for people to request to see what data companies had about them. It also means that since last month, people can ask a business to delete this data – or parts of it – and by law the company has to comply. There were a lot of other, more detailed parts to the regulations too.

Making a website GDPR compliant needed to be completed in a variety of ways – from updating cookie policies to adding tick boxes and plenty of other things in between. We at Teknet made plenty of sites compliant in the run up to the deadline a couple of weeks ago. As a result, our clients can avoid large fines which come with non-compliance in this post-GDPR world.

The websites we have made GDPR compliant include companies such as Tradesoft and three CBR sites – motor bodies, vehicle transport and prestige cars. As well as this, we have also made other sites compliant such as Actan and Magg Group Ltd. These sites provide a range of services or products to their customers, and have been GDPR compliant since before the deadline.

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