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Inbound, or content, marketing is a strategy that uses the creation of content to ‘pull visitors in’ to your website. This inbound marketing service can prove effective because once people are on your website to look at this content, we can use design and offers to interest them in other things. We can also use the offer of content as a reason to grab data from the visitor, such as taking a users name and email before allowing them to download a white paper, e-book or article.

The purpose of this type of marketing is to grab a buyers attention much earlier in the buying cycle and them lead them down the road to purchase thus ending up as the logical place to buy from. This is done like this:

  1. Use great content to ‘attract’ visitors to the website from social media, article release and natural rankings.
  2. Use strong landing pages and calls to action to ‘convert’ those visitors to leads.
  3. Use marketing automation to ‘close’ those leads converting them into customers.
  4. Use events, social media and smart content to turn customers into promoters of your business increasing referrals.

When it comes to inbound marketing there are a lot of different things which contribute to a great strategy. The subject matter of the released content, visual elements used as content like videos and infographics, design of emails, landing pages and articles and setup of automation campaigns, timing of release etc.

It will depend on you, your brand and your desired results / goals as to what type of content will be best suited to your campaign.

Teknet Marketing’s Inbound Marketing service can help with the full range of inbound services. In essence we can do it all from conceptualising the strategy through to delivery of the campaign.

If you’d like to read about some of the Inbound Marketing work Teknet Marketing has completed, check out our Portfolio! Alternatively, to read about Inbound, see these blog posts!


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