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Teknet Marketing includes artistic designers who focus on maximising results (Conversion rate optimisation / CRO) and coding geeks who always want to deliver the best user experience (UX/UI). Together they build some of the best performing websites online. Our services include:

  • Website Consultancy
  • Website Design
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Website Development.

No matter what type of website development you are looking for, it needs to perform, and with a website performance is extremely measurable. Do you know what your website generates for your business, in terms of enquiries or sales? Our employees have over forty years’ combined experience in their fields of expertise and are highly qualified to deliver the most effective digital solutions for your business.


Bespoke Functionality

We specialise in building bespoke websites for businesses that want something tailored to their exact business. More adventure needed an automated booking platform for their adventure holiday business. We designed a fully bespoke application which includes, user account areas, medical questionnaires, deposit and payment management, automated email reminders and everything is managed through a user-friendly CMS interface.


Ecommerce websites are websites that are capable of transacting payments for goods or services. The Forklift company website is based on an ecommerce platform but has been designed to capture user enquiries as well as sales. It also includes lots of bespoke features such as finance calculators, advanced product filtering, up-sell image banner system, related products and a live chat system plus a host of other funky features.


A brochure website usually has a way of showing product ranges but without the ability to buy those products online. There are many reasons that a business might display its products in this way but usually it boils down to one of 2 reasons. It either reduces the amount of incorrect orders because the buyers don’t know which product is the correct one for their needs, such as here with Bridgtown Doors, or a company may want to hide prices to encourage more enquiries.


Every business these days needs some form of web presence, but no matter if it’s a one-page website or a few pages about your business it should always look beautiful and perform well. By delivering useful information to your prospective ‘clients’ in a user friendly, clear and concise way with the right design and ‘calls to action’ your website will deliver enquiries back to you.

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