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We were retained by Trade Software to trial and test online routes to market for their SAAS software solution, these are to include:

PPC Advertising, Natural Search Marketing (SEO), Online Banner Advertising, Online Magazine Advertorials, eMail Marketing and Inbound Marketing.

We are in the process of testing each of these channels to market and reporting our findings.

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To Date we have tested four of the six channels and are currently testing the last two with the following results:

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) -We have run tests on Google Adwords and Bingads and have proven that we can generate daily enquiries for the business and ongoing tests have reduced the cost per enquiry by 60%. Adwords has proven to generate more traffic than Bing & Yahoo with 60% Google and 40% Bingads, but the cost was disproportionate with the split being 80% Google and 20% Bingads due to the cost per click in Bingads being about a third of the cost in Google. the main issue we found with this channel was it was they received a quite low signup due to the enquiries we received were also looking at other solutions at the same time thus diluting the signups.

Natural Search Optimisation – We have identified a few relevant search terms and promoted the site to page 1 in Google and Bing. The site is picking up a decent level of traffic and regular enquiries at a lower cost per enquiry than PPC, the site is also picking up a much higher percentage of actual signups from the natural traffic and we can only deduce that this is a direct result of increased trust for the site through the natural ranking.

Online Banner Advertising – We purchased an ‘end of run’ cross network banner campaign of 1,000,000 impressions to be shown over a 1 month period in the UK only. This resulted in a serious increase in traffic to the site but a disproportionate amount of enquiries and signups. We ended up with over 8000 visitors to the website which for the cost was very cheap traffic, this resulted in only 23 enquiries and 11 signups. this does not sound like a lot but when we compare the cost per acquisition these cost less than those in Google Adwords.

eMail Marketing – We purchased some target company data of 1000 businesses and sent a series of 5 emails to the named director, we had an open rate of 4.5% (This is quite good but not accurate as you can read an email through the reading pane without actually opening the email) we had over 250 clicks through to the website and it resulted in 24 enquiries and 16 signups which at 1.6% is over the industry expected result of 1%.

We are currently running Advertorial and Inbound Marketing tests and i will update this thread as soon as we have the results in.


Tradesoft Website
Tradesoft Website

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