Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation, or CRO as it’s sometimes known, is a way of improving what’s on your website to focus on getting more conversions.

A conversion doesn’t necessarily need to be a transaction – it can be something as simple as filling in a form, or signing up to a mailing list. There’s a variety of things this could be. However, sometimes website optimisation is for the purpose of increasing sales.

So why is this important? It doesn’t matter how many people go on your website, if it’s not optimised for them to convert, they won’t. Or maybe 0.1% of them will. Which means that if you get 1,000 visitors to your website a month, 1 of them will purchase or fill out an enquiry form. It’s not many. And that’s with a number of visitors to your site.

You don’t necessarily need to get more people to your website to improve this – especially if you’ve managed to saturate the market and find it difficult to get more visitors online. Which is where Conversion Rate Optimisation comes in. By optimising your website, you could improve the conversion rate from that 0.1% to 3%. Or higher. But suddenly those 1,000 visitors lead to 30 conversions a month. Which is 29 people more interested in your brand.

Even if this doesn’t sound a lot, the numbers are still good. The conversion rate could end up over 3%, or you might have 3000 visitors a month to start with – so it could rise to 90 or more. It all depends. But either way, utilising Conversion Rate Optimisation can help you increase your customer base, sales, brand awareness – whatever your goal is.

Another key point here is that Conversion Rate Optimisation can make you more money. So why wouldn’t you want to optimise your website for conversions?


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