Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing: the latest technology is infused with high-quality content that adds genuine value to your customers. It is found by people who actually require information (and/or the product/service). Being discovered by suitable customers who are receptive rather than resistant is imperative because the target audience of inbound marketing has a greater conversion rate than traditional marketing.

Your website pages, blogs, ebooks, social media posts, case-studies and so on should all be written with the philosophy of inbound marketing in mind. This type of marketing truly connects the business with its potential customers, creating a like-minded, accessible and approachable community. Thinking as a customer helps us to write content which will be found and welcomed by a potential customer.

Potential customers find relevant and valuable content via channels such as blogs, search engines, social media, email marketing, content creation, lead magnets, and SEO.

Blogging is fundamental to SEO, and ideally needs to be written by a wordsmith with inbound marketing knowledge (particularly of SEO). A skilled hand must regularly blog relevant, fresh and informative content. Remarkable content will result in other websites linking back to your website. This increases traffic to your website, but also indicates to Google that your website is informative and accurate, thus Google awards it a higher ranking. The authority of a web page is the most important facet of Google Algorithm. Links from another website, to your website, are also a determining factor of keyword ranking results.

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