Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing involves advertising on websites like search engines and social networks – meaning your website can reach more people. It can appear among search results quickly, without the need to wait for your website to climb the rankings like it has to with search engine optimisation (SEO).

One of the great features of paid search marketing is how specific you can be. There are a lot of different targeting options across platforms, as well as being able to focus on specific search terms so that people who see your ad are looking for what you offer.

As well as this, paid search marketing can be cost effective – you’re only charged when someone interacts with your ad.  This includes Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, where you pay when someone clicks on your result. As there are a lot of different options, Paid Search Marketing can suit your business and it’s goals.

Teknet Marketing’s Paid Search Marketing service can help with your paid search campaigns. We start by identifying keywords for your campaign, and working out which are the best options to suit you. Following on from this, we then liaise with you and run the campaign according to what you want.

We offer a few paid search marketing services, including:

All of these have targeting options, so they’re only shown to people you want to see your ad. This includes search terms on Google and Bing, but also demographics like age, gender and location across all three platforms. Facebook Ads can be much more targeted because of the nature of the platform, but the other ad options also have their benefits – such as being able to target people when they’re actively searching for a product.

Paid search marketing has a lot of benefits to your business – being found online by customers who are looking for what you offer is definitely one of them.

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If you’d like to see some of our Paid Search projects, check out our Portfolio! To read more on the topic, have a look at these blog posts!

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