Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation involves improving where your website ranks on search engines for relevant terms. Appearing on page 1 of a search engine like Google could increase visitors to your website, so might improve sales.

Because of this, you should be considering the benefits that search engine optimisation, or SEO, can have for your business. People searching online for products that you offer may have an interest in purchasing, or might be comparing companies. You want them to consider your products, and if you appear in the search results there’s more of a chance of that happening.

There are a lot of factors which can affect SEO – it’s not just about adding keywords to a website. Optimisation involves other techniques to improve a website’s rankings on search engines.

Over the years, Teknet Marketing have managed to achieve not only page one, but number one rankings on Google. Although the way sites are ranked continues to change, we are still managing to rank our client’s websites well.

Our speciality when it comes to SEO is both on- and off-page optimisation, including content, link building techniques, keyword research and more. We start by completing keyword research, to find the best search terms your website can rank for, then begin optimising the website from this.

There are a lot of benefits to search engine optimisation, including increasing your website’s visibility online. It’s worthwhile considering as part of your digital marketing strategy, to make sure your website is more visible to those potential customers.

For more information on some of the Search Engine Optimisation we have undertaken in the past, check out our Portfolio! Or, if you want to read more on SEO, here’s our blog!


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