Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of those things which wouldn’t have been considered as part of a marketing strategy years ago. But things have changed. Now there’s plenty of social networks out there with millions – or even billions – of users. So it can’t really be ignored anymore.

There are a lot of benefits to using social media – not only is it massively popular, so you can appeal to new customers, there’s also a benefit of being able to let your existing customers know about new events or products. You can give them a better look into behind the scenes and the people at your brand – or focus on involving them in conversations to make your company more memorable to them.

Social media marketing has become a large part of today’s digital marketing landscape – and given how many users each network has, that’s not likely to change any time soon. There are a lot of opportunities from using this – including an increase in brand awareness, website visitors, maybe even sales.

We offer a range of social media marketing packages, to suit you. Whether you want something light with a couple of posts a week, or you want to be posting more, we can help. Our social media marketing service can help you as we post updates to your accounts. We can also include any features or events you want, meaning the accounts can be run the way you would like.

As well as this, our social media marketing service covers a variety of platforms. We can manage accounts on networks including:

There are three deals that we currently offer – although these are customisable depending on what you would like. We also offer a B2B social media sales service which focuses on targeting relevant companies to inform them about what you offer.

Social Media Marketing

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