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Social media is one of those things which wouldn’t have been considered as part of a marketing strategy years ago and many companies are missing out on this new route to customers and profit’s.

Now there’s plenty of social networks out there with millions – or even billions – of users and with some demographics Social is now the best way to target and interact with them. So it can’t really be ignored anymore.

There are a lot of benefits to using social media – Not only is it a new way to appeal to new customers, it can also be used to support existing customers with channels like Twitter and Facebook increasingly being used for help and support by business. There’s also the benefit of instant notifications to followers that allow you to let them know about new events or products.

Social media marketing has become a large part of today’s digital marketing landscape – and given how many users each network has, that’s not likely to change any time soon. There are a lot of opportunities from using this – including : news and event updates, increasing in brand awareness, user help and support even direct sales.

We offer a range of social media marketing packages, designed to suit you. Whether you want a light touch with a couple of updates each week, or you want to be approaching new target customers to work with, we can help.

As well as this, our social media marketing service covers a variety of platforms. We can advise you on the best channels for your business and requirements:

Although we prefer to tailor packages to suite our clients requirements we do offer three trial packages :

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