Webb-Elec, Web Design and SEO

By teknet on Tuesday 19th June 2018, 11:29am

Webb-Elec – a supplier of mechanical products such as geared motors and pumps – contacted us to create a new website for them earlier this year.

We used WordPress to create the new website, designing it based around the specifications Webb-Elec gave us. The website contained information about their products and a blog page. It also featured company contact details for customers to make enquiries, and can be found at https://www.webb-elec.co.uk/.

Once this was completed, the company also asked us to run a campaign to improve their website ranking. We searched online and found popular search terms related to their products, then used these in the website to increase their relevance to the search terms. Over the first month of this campaign, Google rankings for the 26 search terms improved by 740 places and Bing by 371 places. There were 9 terms in the top 10 results on Google, and 2 of these were in the top 3. Before the campaign there was only 2 terms in the top 10, and none in the top 3.

One of these search terms moved from outside the top 100 to 3rd on Google over the course of the campaign and outside the top 50 to 4th on Bing.

As of June 13th the website ranked for a total of 19 terms, of which there were 3 in the top 3, and 4 more in the top 10. Aside from these, there were another 5 terms in the top 20, with the remaining 7 in the top 100.

Along with this we created 6 blog posts, each based around one search term, to help improve the website rankings. The creation of these blog posts is also a valuable marketing tool for the company.

Webb-Elec Website

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