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When it comes to email marketing, it’s important to ensure that your company stands out in people’s inboxes. Content needs to be compelling, so people want to open the email rather than ignore it. This is what makes a successful email campaign.

This form of marketing can be cost-effective, along with providing good results. An email with a high open rate shows interest, especially if there are a lot of clicks to your website. This can lead to higher sales or interest in your products.

To create a great email campaign you need a great strategy. Content and message is key, but other things like the scheduled time and day also play a big part in maximising opens. once an email is received and opened then the overall design, offer and call to action will either make or break the campaign. This is where Teknet Marketing’s Email Marketing service can help you.

To begin with, we will segment your existing email list, which means that we will ensure your emails specifically target the right customers. Following on from this, we research the best time and day s to reach your audience and only then can we move on to planning a campaign. We will work with you to come up with compelling email content and then using ‘Conversion centred design’ techniques we will design your emails to convert the maximum number of responses.

We use specialist email marketing software called MailChimp to deliver our email campaigns, as a trusted and well known email platform it ensures that we get minimum bounce backs and rejections thus maximising delivery. As well as this, we can also use marketing automation to setup a series of emails to be sent based on pre-determined criteria. Meaning certain processes can be planned in advance and automated to run without any manual intervention. This can cover things like, setting up a series of emails to welcome new subscribers to a website or mailing list.

Creating and engaging with your mailing list will always be a way of driving new customers from people interested in your brand. Once they have subscribed, great email campaigns can turn them from potential into paying customers. It can also help keep existing customers interested – as you can update them with interesting content such as news, new products and offers.

If you’d like to know more about our Email Marketing Service, have a look at our Portfolio! You can also read about it on our Blog!


Teknet Marketing’s Email service can help you achieve your business goals. For more information, please fill in the form, email or phone us on 0800 488 0400.

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